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Sales of the A Sporting Chance DVD are now available.


It’s your chance to own the documentary that not only won the category of “Documentary: Great Champions” at the 24th Milano International FICTS Festival in October 2006, but also the Jaeger-Le Coultre Sport Movies & TV Award 2006 (the FICTS International Jury assigns this award to the best work among all the winners of the ‘Guirlande d’Honneur’ in the Festival Sections).

The DVD will cost AUD$35.00 per copy (for all educational and library costs please contact us for costs and payment).


  • 1-5 copies $8.00
  • International postage or 6-10 copies postage $18.00
  • For more than 10 copies please contact us for discounted prices.

Special Offer

Buy A Sporting Chance AND the Carlo Fight DVD for exclusive discounted price of AU$50.00 !

To pick up your copy in person go to:


Team Carlo Taekwondo
506 High Street, Preston VIC 3072

Melbourne Sports Books
80 Flinders Street Melbourne 3000

Jols Martial Arts Supplies
296 High Street Northcote Melbourne 3070




ATI Martial Arts Centre
7/1924 Beach Rd Malaga WA 08) 9248 7811

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Here’s what to do…

See our example if this is confusing!

1. First, work out how many copies you want of A Sporting Chance ($35) and Carlo’s Fight DVD (special price of $15 each, for each copy of A Sporting Chance that you also purchase).

For each Fight DVD at the special price, you must purchase at least one copy of A Sporting Chance. For example, you can purchase 5 copies of A Sporting Chance and 3 copies of the Carlo Fight DVD, but not the other way around.

So to work out the total quantity: number of ____ A Sporting Chance PLUS ____ Carlo Fight DVD equals the total number of DVDs.

2. Second, click on “Add to Cart” to use the online order form via PayPal to make your purchase.

3. Third, on the order form, adjust the quantity you are ordering (taking into account the overall quantity of both A Sporting Chance and the Carlo Fight DVD). If you are ordering the Fight DVD at the special price, click on the “Add to Cart” button for this product too.

4. Fourth, once your order is complete, click the “Proceed to Checkout” button and follow the steps using PayPal to make your payment. You will then be returned to our website and emailed a receipt.


Please contact us before you place your order. If the order form below is confusing, simply email us your requirements and we’ll send you a PayPal invoice — easy!

Easy to follow example

See our example to see how to place your order.

Australian buyers

If the total is below 10, use one of the “Add to Cart” buttons below (either 1 to 5 total copies or 6 to 10 total copies). For more than 10 copies, please contact us for special discounted pricing and shipping.

Shipping: for 1 to 5 DVDs, the flat shipping rate is $8 for anywhere in Australia. For 6 to 10 DVDs, the flat shipping rate is $18 for anywhere in Australia.

International buyers outside Australia

For single copies of A Sporting Chance, please use the “Add to Cart” button shown below. Pricing is in Australian dollars and payment can be made by PayPal.

For more than 1 DVD, please contact us. We will quote you the relevant postage rate and send you an individual PayPal invoice via email.

Australian buyers

A Sporting Chance DVD1 to 5 total copies
(total quantity including Fight DVD)

6 to 10 total copies
(total quantity including Fight DVD)

Important: Once you have clicked on the “Add to Cart” button, a pop-up window will open. The quantity is pre-set to “1”. If you are ordering more than 1 copy of A Sporting Chance, you must change this to your desired quantity and click “Update” — otherwise only 1 DVD will be ordered.
Special Price Carlo Fight DVD(no shipping — already included above)

International buyers outside Australia

A Sporting Chance DVD1 copy including international shipping

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